Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What About Diverticulitis?

Can any colon cleansing help with diverticulosis or diverticulitis?

Not necessarily – it depends on you and on the colon cleansing program. 
According to the AMA, diverticuli are caused by constipation and stasis in the colon. These conditions may be caused by a lack of dietary fiber. When flow is limited or blocked (stasis), the walls of the colon can balloon out and produce a “pocket”. If this pocket becomes infected and inflamed, then diverticulitis is the result.
Many colon cleansing products are based on laxatives and herbal preparations that temporarily relieve constipation. To restore normal flow and proper colon function, check with your personal medical professional, and consider using a cleansing program that is based on fiber and whole food nutrition. This works with the body’s natural healing abilities to build the intestinal musculature of the bowels.
Consider the Springreen Daily Cleansing Drink! Simply a combination of Springreen's #79 Intestinal Cleanser (fine mesh of both Psyllium Seed and Husk) and #77 Detoxificant (a colloidal Montmorillonite – super refined bentonite clay). This combination can provide the necessary fiber and detoxification to restore and support normal colon shape and function.  Combined, these (2) Springreen cleansing products cost under $40! 
In addition, dietary changes can work to your benefit. A diet that includes more fresh vegetables in the form of dark green salads (including kale, spinach, and romaine) and fresh juices. Drinking more water to keep hydrated and stay lubricated. Eliminate or reduce the intake of cheeses, breads, and fried foods.