Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Study — Home EMF Protection, Radiation and DNA

An exciting new study has been released on the EarthCalm EMF Home Protection System, the “Infinity”, conducted by Glen Rein, PhD of Quantum Biology Research Lab.

Although significant research has already shown how electromagnetic radiation fragments and breaks human DNA, Dr. Rein devised his own unique method to test human DNA in response to wide variety of EMF sources.    

In this study, Dr. Rein initially found that a “statistically significant inhibition” of the electrical properties of human DNA occurred when it was exposed to the home electrical grid. Then he added WiFi radiation to the environment; and finally he added Smart meter radiation. When all three of these EMF sources were combined in the environment, he found that the inhibition increased.

Testing the Infinity Home EMF Protection System

Dr. Rein then tested DNA under the same conditions after plugging in the Infinity. What he found was that this product was “highly effective at completely reversing the inhibitory effects of all EMF environments”—even though it was plugged in a socket in an adjacent room.

In fact, the EMF environments neutralized by the Infinity had the same effect on DNA that the natural geomagnetic field outside the laboratory had on the control data placed there.

Although other testing has been done on the Home EMF Protection System, none has ever made its protective powers so clear: it actually stops the damaging effect that electromagnetic radiation has on human DNA.

No Surprise to Many

This is no surprise to many who have used the Home System over the years. Dozens of people have written reviews about how their health has improved with the product, how headaches have simply disappeared, and how their immune systems seem to be working better.

New Look for the Home System

EarthCalm Infinity 
And now the Infinity Home EMF Protection System has a new look! It’s more compact and only one socket in the wall is needed to plug it in.

The same four easy steps are offered for gradual adaptation to the power of the product. And only one device is needed for an entire home, regardless of square footage.
The Infinity provides protection from:
  • electricity & appliances
  • desktop computers
  • cordless phones
  • wireless routers and all devices programmed into them
  • electrical and water smart meters  
Find out more about the new Infinity—a product you can trust to work based on scientific evidence. And you have 90 days to try it—or receive your money back, no questions asked!

J.L. Phillips, N.P. Singh b, H. Laib, Electromagnetic fields and DNA damage
a Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, USA
b Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
Received 24 October 2008; received in revised form 16 November 2008; accepted 16 November 2008