Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Product - Dr. Willard's Pet Care Kit

The brand that has been trusted for the last forty years to deliver holistic solutions for your needs has expanded its line to include pet products. Dr. Willard’s has come out with a brand new Natural Restorative Pet Care® Kit, which offers holistic solutions for improving dogs’ health and mental well being. Keeping in line with the mission to deliver the safest offerings, the new kit contains natural, patented and reliable products that are cruelty-free and environmentally safe.

This new line is a personal venture for the Willard family, as it was inspired by the adoption of their own rescue dog, Aspen. Coming from a neglected environment, Aspen was failing to thrive emotionally and physically, showing signs of arthritis and hair loss. However, after the use of Dr. Willard’s products, he began to thrive. He was running around without any pain, his coat began to regrow, and he was happier than ever!

The Willard’s are not the only ones to witness the positive changes in their beloved dog after using the pet kit. For decades, the brand has received numerous awards from renowned leaders in the natural pet care industry, as well as overwhelming positive feedback about the numerous ways in which their Dr. Willard’s® products have been advancing the health and well-being of dogs and other animals. The line was even reviewed by the FDA and featured on a segment of 60 Minutes, neither of which found any negative side effects from the use of the products on humans or animals.

While there are a variety of pet products on the market today, many contain harmful ingredients and toxins that are detrimental to dogs’ health. The good news is that pet owners are getting smarter, and the consumption of natural products for pets is on the rise. In fact, a report of Natural, Organic, and Eco-Friendly Pet Products in the U.S., 5th Edition, estimates that U.S. retail sales of natural pet products exceeded $7 billion in 2014. 

Therefore, there is no better time to announce a new line of pet care from the brand that has always believed in developing cruelty-free, holistic products for both humans and pets. The pet kit is a simple, safe and effective way to optimize nutrient absorption and enhanced cellular function with three exciting new products: Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops®, Dr. Willard’s Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray® and Dr. Willard’s Soothing Aloe Gel for Pets®.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No artificial colors, flavors, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals
  • Cruelty-free
  • Patented formula
  • Environmentally safe
Dr. Willard’s® Natural Restorative Pet Care Start Kit includes a two-month supply of:

  • Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops® (8 oz.) enhances dogs’ overall nutrition and general health in a simple, safe and effective way by optimizing nutrient absorption and enhanced cellular function. Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops® contain no artificial colors, flavors, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals; are cruelty free; and help improve dogs’ overall hydration and nutritional benefits to keep dogs healthy and vibrant. By providing pets with clean drinking water with the secret catalyst in the Dr. Willard’s® patented formula, Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops® boosts water’s biological functions to help with digestion, nutrient absorption, behavior and performance. This means that dogs will get more vitamins from the same amount of food they consumed before.
  • Dr. Willard’s Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray® (8 oz.) is made with the finest natural ingredients and restores moisture and beauty to the skin and coat of dogs and relieves discomfort from a variety of conditions, such as hot spots, scrapes, burns, abrasions and cuts. This topical application has no artificial colors, flavors, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals and is cruelty free. Dr. Willard’s Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray should be sprayed directly on the affected areas one to four times daily or as needed.
  • Dr. Willard’s Soothing Aloe Gel for Pets® (8 oz.) naturally moisturizes dogs’ skin, helps restores dogs’ coats and relieves itching caused by a variety of skin irritations. The gel, which is made with natural ingredients, helps alleviate some problems associated with burns, cuts, wounds and other skin disorders. It can be topically applied to dogs’ coats and skin. Dog owners should place a dime or quarter size amount of on the affected area of the dog and/or use as a general moisturizer.
Giving Back: Due to the personal experience the Willard family has had with a rescue dog, and to honor their commitment of supporting compassionate pet care, the brand will also make a financial contribution to enhance the lives of rescue pets. Dr. Willard’s will donate 25 cents from every product sold to animal shelters and rescues in the U.S, such as Big Dogs Huge Paws. This is an important mission for the company, as 30 percent of pets in U.S. homes come from shelters or rescues; an estimated 2.7 million healthy pets are not adopted each year; and three to four million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in U.S, based on information from the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.