Monday, May 18, 2015

Possible Neurological Effects of EMF Exposure

You may not realize it, but throughout life, everyone on the planet is being exposed to electromagnetic fields (often abbreviated as EMF). The earth naturally produces its own electromagnetic field, as does the human body. These natural EMF are very low in intensity, and research has shown that the body’s EMF may contribute to good health. 

Artificial EMF Can Harm the Body

On the other hand, artificial EMF that are emitted from modern gadgets—ranging from hair dryers to personal Wi-Fi hubs to electrical wires—have been shown to disturb the body’s natural energy field. Even worse, they may be a factor in why people battle neurological disorders. Many of the body’s natural functions are regulated with bioelectrical impulses, and man-made EMF can disrupt those processes.

It’s also hard to tell for sure how often you’re getting exposed to EMF. Both the natural and artificial kinds are invisible and silent, making them impossible to detect with the five senses. If you used a cell phone today, typed an e-mail on the computer or heated something in the microwave, however, you can know that your body has come in contact with artificial EMF.

Neurological Problems Linked to EMF Exposure

The body’s neurological system is related to nerves. When problems occur, people can suffer symptoms that make it nearly impossible to do tasks that were likely previously performed without thinking. For example, chronic headaches are categorized as neurological problems, and if they are intense enough, activities like reading a newspaper or watching TV can become miserable.

Some neurological issues may affect a person so severely that he or she cannot lift a cup of coffee without experiencing tremors and weakness. Neurological problems can also be related to attitude. Depression, hyperactivity and irritability are some neurological issues that can initially present themselves, or worsen, after exposure to EMF.

What Causes Variation in Symptoms?

Healthcare practitioners who have studied the adverse effects of EMF exposure and how they relate to neurological problems say there are several things that help determine how severe a person’s symptoms are. Biology is one factor, but two others are related to things that can be directly controlled. Specifically, scientists say the length of time and the intensity of EMF exposure help tell the story of what symptoms a person might have, and how life-altering they could be.

   Reducing Your EMF Exposure Risk

Even though EMF exposure is something to be concerned with, there’s no need to feel helpless. By doing things like unplugging and turning off your mobile phone when it’s not in use and making sure to keep cordless phone base stations well away from areas in your home where people sleep, you can easily cut down on your exposure level.
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