Saturday, May 2, 2015

Smart Meters and EMF Exposure: Are there Options?

So-called “smart meters” are being rapidly introduced in many developed countries and are usually promoted as being energy-efficient solutions because they help households become more aware of how much energy they use, and when.
However, what those glossy and cheerfully-worded brochures don’t mention is that smart meters are a source of serious EMF exposure.   

The Concern about Smart Meters is Well Documented

Scientists link EMFs to a variety of health problems ranging from high blood pressure to insomnia, plus much more serious ailments, like cancer. These findings are not new, and some of the data spans back as far as the mid-1990s. Then, a researcher named Dr. George Carlo determined EMFs disrupt the communications that happen between the body’s cells. Over time, that can weaken organ function and slow the speed of DNA repair.
Also, although most smart meter documentation assures customers the devices only make wireless transmissions a couple of times per day, some proactive individuals got equipment to perform their own measurements and found smart meters were emitting radiation sometimes as often as two to five seconds.

Personally Limiting EMF Exposure Caused By Smart Meters    

When smart meters are beginning to be installed in your town, you may have the choice of opting out. Be sure to read the fine print, because many suppliers allow you to say you do not want a smart meter installed, but require payment of an opt-out fee, and then probably a monthly fee thereafter.

Spreading the Word about How Smart Meters Are Harmful

If time is on your side and installers have announced they will be arriving in your community but won’t begin putting smart meters in for the next several months, another course of action is to raise awareness about how smart meters are not as great as the advertisements suggest.

Even people who do not immediately grasp the severity of the health concerns related to EMF exposure should at least raise eyebrows about the associated invasion of privacy. When encouraged to think about it, most people you know will likely realize they don’t want a utility company having such free and constant access to personal data via smart meters.

If enough people listen and eventually share your smart meter concerns, installers may ultimately decide it’s not worth dealing with the resistance your community is creating.

Shielding Your Household from EMF Exposure

When it’s not possible to prevent smart meters from getting installed in your hometown altogether, another worthwhile option is to invest in EMF protection products that safeguard your family from EMFs. Some are intended for an entire house, while other items are worn directly on a person to act as portable shields.

EarthCalm, a long standing product for Natural Healing Tools, is a company that has produced EMF protection devices for over 30 years. The Infinity Home EMF Protection System protects you from the radiation generated by your smart meter—as well as that coming from all the other smart meters in your neighborhood. This is important to understand: opting out may protect you from your own meter, but it doesn’t protect you against the radiation coming from all your neighbors’ meters. In addition, the EarthCalm Home System also protects you from the EMFs your electricity, appliances and wireless router are producing.