Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Skin Must Have!

Finally, the official start to summer is here! But not without the usual pains that summer fun can bring... At Natural Healing Tools, we arm our families with Dr. Willard Water Aloe Gel products to keep our skin healthy! Choose from the Premium Paraben Free Aloe Gel or the original Dr. Willard's Topical Aloe Gel.

Premium Paraben Free Aloe Gel
Unlike most other aloe gels this remarkable aloe gel goes on smooth and, thanks to the Willard Water® in the product, almost immediately absorbs into the skin.  Rather than the clammy, sticky feeling one typically experiences when using aloe gel, Dr. Willard’s Premium Paraben-Free Aloe Gel leaves your skin feeling soft and dry with no hint of that annoying clammy feeling.  You’ll also immediately notice the enhanced moisturizing qualities of the gel because the Willard Water® will help your skin retain the moisture in the gel and it will keep your skin soft for hours.  This is especially important when suffering the painful effects of overexposure to the wind and sun so if you’re taking your family to the beach, be sure to arm them with our Premium Aloe Gel.  You’ll be thankful you did! 
Topical Aloe Gel
Over 30 years ago, a Topical Gel was developed using Dr. Willard's Water®. The Gel was designed to soothe skin conditions and is naturopathic, non-toxic and free of artificial coloring and fragrance. It contains nature's most powerful and healthy healers: Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Vitamin E.