Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arguments Against Smart Meters

What are some of the arguments against Smart Meters? Here are a few....


  • Smart Meters emit a signal back to the utility company. This emits an electromagnetic waves (EMF's). Many people have reported health issues soon after Smart Meters were installed. Issues include: insommnia, flu like symptoms, ringing in the ears and anxiety. Read the Bio Initiative Report for more information on EMF and health.
  • Cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) came out and publicly stated their concerns that Smart Meters are a possible carcinogen.


  • Data is being collected from Smart Meters that has already caused privacy issues in other states. Your electric usage tells everything about you - when you wake, return home, watch TV, cook/not cook, etc. Read about privacy issues on EPIC.
  • Can Smart Meters and their data get hacked? What are the utility companies required to do to protect our privacy?


  • Yes, fire. Many Smart Meters are not UL listed
  • Some Smart Meters are not covered by home owner's insurance policies. Check with your insurance agent. If you are covered, the insurance company may go back to the utility to recover the damages.  
  • Take Back Your Power chronicles fire reports.

Energy Savings

  • One of the goals of Smart Meters are to teach consumers when they use energy. Duh. Energy usage in residential setting spikes in the morning, late afternoon/evening. When people are home and awake. In the future, consumers may be able to buy energy ahead and store in the grid but we are a long way from that at this moment.
  • What the reality is for one area in Iowa is their utility can track their usage and charge for "peak hours". The end result - utility bills have increased around 28%.

What can a consumer do?

  • You can try to fight your local utility company. There are some success stories - search the web. 
  • Some utilities companies will allow residences to pay a charge to keep their analog meter. This varies widely.
  • You can check out StopSmartMeters.org for current articles and sample letters to utility companies. 
  • Buy EMF protection. May not help your privacy or fire issues, but can block EMF. Check out here.
  • Renewable energies. Best for residential is solar or geothermal. If you are anywhere in the Midwest, call our friends at SolarCon at (402) 934-7336. That's where we are going for our solar.