Monday, July 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Back to School with Muscle Remedies

Activities in the summer may not have equaled what a sports coach or gym teacher may
throw at your kids the first week back to school. 

Foods to Help Stop Muscle Spasms

People suffering from muscle spasms may have a potassium deficiency. Individuals that play sports are particularly susceptible to low levels of potassium and should include foods such as bananas, potatoes, prune juice and dried fruit into their diets. Also, including calcium fortified foods like seafood and fish, almonds, flaxseed, oats, parsley, prunes, sesame seeds, tofu and kale, can help to stave off muscle spasm. Avoid foods acidic foods and drinks like tomatoes and vinegar which blocks the body’s natural ability to absorb calcium.


Especially in hot, humid weather replacing electrolytes is important. Most sports drinks are either loaded with too much sweeteners or have a professional athlete level of electrolytes. Either way, drinking sports drinks is not going to necessarily battle what they really need. Check out the doctor developed alternative - CrampX

Muscle Pain

When you push yourself physically, fibers in the muscles tear and as a result the body’s defense mechanism sends fluid into these areas – causing swelling The swelling triggers the pain, stiffness and soreness you feel. The body, however, repairs the injured muscle and it grows back stronger. 

Help your body's recovery cycles with homeopathic remedies like A+ Athletic Rub and Muscle Rescue.