Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shopping for Women's Health

At Natural Healing Tools, we are out shopping for the best for us - and all our girlfriends.

Here is a few daily neccessities:

Bone Health

Bone Renewal
Calcium is critical to women daily. Sooner is better! Choose a calcium supplement in either a liquid or pill form.

To achieve optimum calcium absorption, make Vitamin D and Magnesium!

Vitamin D is derived either from the sun or by supplement. Natural Healing Tools has many Vitamin D supplements but the most cost effective is our Cod Liver Oil. Best tasting is any of our other products...

Magnesium is best topically but there are also indigestible supplements. Just make sure you get enough magnesium to sustain your calcium absorption. Try our Ancient Minerals Magnesium products for topical magnesium or our Springreen Calphonite is an indigestible source for magnesium as well.

Springreen Cod Liver Oil

Springreen Calphonite

Hormone Support

Women need to be concerned for our lifetime the cycles of hormones we support. From PMS to Menopause, there are natural remedies to support these natural cycles of life. Keep a Hot Flash Rescue with you for that emergency flare up!

Hot Flash Rescue in Spray or Lotion

Menstrual Cramps

There is plenty of information on the internet about menstrual cramps, but the fact is - they can be plain debilitating. Natural Healing Tools has products to help.

Professional Infrared Heating Pad