Friday, September 25, 2015

Pain Management Systems

The calls we receive at Natural Healing Tools are varied and many times specific. The general conclusion we come away with is - the human body is a complex set of systems that require maintenance, symptom control and medical intervention. 

One reason we opened Natural Healing Tools in 2002 was to answer the need of the narrowest and hardest to find products to help with the maintenance and symptom control.

A very hard to find item is a therapy boot for the foot. One that encompasses the entire foot and can deliver either a hot or a cold therapy. This boot was designed for diabetic patient circulation but other circulation or foot issues indicate its use. The Aqua Relief System has a full foot boot for either single or double, knee, hand, shoulder/neck and universal pads. 

The Aqua Relief System can deliver cold or hot - but it has a one hour timer. The Arctic Ice System can be set for a long therapy session and just needs cold water and ice to refresh the longer session. 

The therapy pads are available for individual sale (here), so the unit can be used for multiple people and/or conditions.