Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stocking up for Sore Throat Season? Try Healing Honey

In the fall is the perfect time to get stocked up on products to support your body's immune
system - and just in case - to calm a winter sore throat.

The trick to buying honey is to make sure that it hasn't been heated to a level to kill the healthful enzymes. Enzymes are little things that bees secrete that are alive and make honey beneficial.

The enzymes most identified in honey are invertase, diastase, glucose oxidase, catalase and acid phosphatase.  J. W. White, JR. AND Landis W. Doner write that the “changes that enzymes bring about throughout nature are essential to life.”  White and Doner also report that heat can deteriorate honey’s antibacterial properties to an even greater extent.

Worse even than factory over heating is using a microwave to liquefy honey.  What a microwave does to your food is well documented let alone that the microwave will kill all the health benefits to honey and make it simple liquid sugar.

The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole, undamaged and fresh, just as he found them. - Saint Francis de Sales

Benefits of Healing Honey®

While you delight in its exquisite flavor on toast, in your tea, or straight from the jar, Healing Honey:
  • Offers a delicious and healthy substitute for sugary sweets
  • Maintains your body’s healthy immune response
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Contains a number of free radical-busting antioxidants that support your health
  • Boosts your energy and endurance naturally
Our organic Healing Honey, with its fully certified Manuka 15+ activity, is truly one of natures' nectars with special helaing properties that it alone possesses. In fact, less than 1% of all Manuka honey contains this extremely rare 15+ activity that is scientifically proven to have immune-supportive and protective properties. It's even clasified as a Therapeutic Good in Australia (the equivalent to a drug registered and approved by the FDA).