Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New! Q-Link Clear in Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Q-Link CLEAR is a new and exciting addition to the well-known Q-Link range of "body" products. Sporting virtually the same dimensions, simplicity and time-tested SRT-3 technology as our standard CLEAR, the visual impact is stunning: Different lighting and viewing angles create an ever-changing silvery pearlescence and depth that must be seen to be fully appreciated. Programmed with over 100 natural frequencies known to support the biofield, the Q-Link CLEAR is compact and feather-light so it won't get in the way. Just attach it to a device where it will come closest to your body.

Then, when you use your mobile phone, or listen to music on an mp3 player, hold your game player or otherwise - the Q-Link CLEAR focuses and strengthens the biofield's ability to support your body's natural defenses to EMFs and other stressors.

The Q-Link Clear was specifically designed for smart phones. You can also use a Q-Link Clear on tablets, MP3 players or other personal devices.

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