Friday, October 2, 2015

Subtle Energy Tools

The P.e.bal stands for Pyramid Energy BALancer. This is a powerful balancing device for your home or office. The benefits for those living within its range for EMF protection and subtle energies is special.

The P.e.Bal uses a combination of Wilhelm Reich's energy moving technology (orgone), vortex technology (energy spinning), and programmed crystals (the balancing component).

The P.e.bal and Ki Bal are encapsulated in a pyramid that adds the additional power of pyramid geometry.

The Ki Bal is a mini p.e.bal with a very powerful kick. New technology and embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies has made it powerful enough to protect you whether you are in your home, car or work. Designed as a key ring it ensures that whenever and where ever you have your keys you are protected from EMF and all unbalanced energy.

If you are practicing crystal work, and/or understanding their individual properties, you may customize the energy signature by placing your own crystals near the P.e.bal Pyramid or ad to the Ki Bal keyring, where they will be included in its energy field.

Both the P.e.Bal and the Ki-bal are imported.