Saturday, November 14, 2015

How do Dimensional Design’s SafeSpace products work?

SafeSpace products work by altering the quality of a field (rather than its quantity, or strength). How does this happen?  To explain that, we need to explain a few key concepts.

When particles are repatterned, the quality of a field is changed.

That’s what William A. Tiller, Ph.D., professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University discovered.

According to Dr. Tiller’s research, unpolarized particles - photons and electrons from EMFs - have a chaotic and disordering effect on our cells as they pass through our bodies, resulting in tissue damage over time.  He observed, however, that when those particles are repatterned to be ordered and polarized rather than chaotic and unpolarized, they are no longer harmful.
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This is called the coherent polarizing field effect.

Simply put, when the charged particles in an EMF are repatterned, the entire EMF field is repatterned and the ill effects are neutralized without having to weaken eliminate the field itself.

Subtle energies

Subtle energies are 'super-physical energies' that is, energies beyond our five physical senses. Subatomic and electromagnetic energy are well-known examples of subtle energies.

Subtle energy is considered a part of our physical world, but it is a subtler dimension than our world of solids, liquids and gases. Much of Tiller’s work centered around subtle energies.

Energy fields interact and affect each other

Physics shows us that all things are energy, and that the universe is like a gradation of vibrations, or energies, from finer, higher-frequency energies to denser energies.

Just as an EMF can influence the physical human body, certain subtle energies can influence certain EMFs. Specifically, a subtle energy that is coherent and senior to a specific EMF can influence it.

The most senior subtle energy

Theories in advanced physics postulate a subtle energy senior to all other energies. In the
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Quantum view, this 'Unmanifest Energy' is a fluid mutable field of  'information' which is constantly exchanging and redistributing energy. This energy is the most senior subtle energy of all, with the ability to pervade and affect all other levels of energy.

Coherent and senior subtle energies can influence EMFs via the EMF’s own carrier waves.

The fact is, all EMFs are essentially carrier waves that carry information, which is precisely why they are so useful in communication. Imagine the way a radio broadcast disseminates information in all directions from a single point.  Introducing a senior subtle energy onto an EMF’s carrier wave will broadcast that energy’s information throughout the field.

SafeSpace Product are encoded with a range of subtle energy patterns, ready to be picked up by EMF carrier waves.

When the coherent pattern of a senior subtle energy is placed on a carrier wave, that is what will be spread, overriding the toxic effect and creating a benign effect. This creates that coherent polarizing field effect discovered by Dr. Tiller.  Thanks to carrier waves, when the charged particles are repatterned, the entire EMF field is repatterned. Result: the ill effects are neutralized without having to eliminate the field itself.

Through this  repatterning, process, SafeSpace products add qualitative energy balancing patterns to electromagnetic carrier waves, alongside whatever other information they’re carrying.

At the heart of the SafeSpace technology is the concept of information storage.

SafeSpace products store information—in the form of subtle energy patterns—in a variety of "carrier" materials, primarily holograms. The stored information on the products stands ready for dissemination onto the carrier waves of harmful EMFs.

But how does this information, these subtle energy patterns, actually get onto the SafeSpace carrier material?  To understand the process, it is helpful to look at other information storage devices around your home, such as magnetic tape, or music CDs.

Storing and transferring information: the example of music CDs.

Music, in the form of information, is transferred onto the surface of a CD by means of a laser, which, as we know, is a form of light. Lasers are considered "coherent light" because all the particles or waves are aligned and moving in the same coherent pattern. When those coherent light waves come into contact with the surface of a blank CD, the information is deposited onto it, ready to be transferred off by means of other waves—such as the lasers inside a CD player, which read and transform the information on the CD into coherent sound waves.

Proprietary encoding process

SafeSpace products are encoded with the polarizing pattern of very senior subtle energies. During this proprietary process, the surface of the carrier material is brought into contact with the benign, polarizing and healing pattern of a highly senior subtle energy, and the carrier material is structurally modified on a sub-atomic or subtle level.

Once Dimensional Design’s SafeSpace product is encoded or programmed, it can radiate this coherent energy pattern, which has a variety of positive effects, depending on the specific use.

Dimensional Design’s SafeSpace products set up a “corrective resonance”

The SafeSpace products set up a corrective resonance, thereby restoring coherence and balance.

SafeSpace products  are passive devices utilizing no electronic circuitry, so they never wear out, or need to be cleaned or recharged. And unlike energy devices that absorb and retain the "energetic signatures" of fields they encounter, SafeSpace products literally repattern those fields, rendering them harmless.

The advantage of SafeSpace’s personal energy products: variability

Some of our products are designed to be worn or carried on the body. When it comes to personal devices like these, our research has shown that variability and change is key to moving energy effectively. Many of today’s energy technologies use a constant repetition of single energy pattern. This can be ineffective over time because the human body does not exist in stasis.

Our technology uses energy patterns that supply change as needed, moving one through gentle energy challenges and responses and then onto broader ranges of patterns if required.  In this way, our devices provide the body with a wide spectrum of balancing frequencies.

SafeSpace personal technologies interact with the body’s constantly changing condition and needs to reach equilibrium.

When you use a SafeSpace product,  an energy exchange occurs through the energetic anatomy or field. An energy “program” is progressively pulsed into one’s energy field to counterbalance and harmonize imbalanced energies. The energetic  repatterning that occurs is influenced by the individual energetic needs of the “receiver.”

The principle of resonance.

Understanding the principle of resonance will also help to explain how this interaction occurs. When there are areas within the body that radiate in the same “wave pattern” of the Dimensional Design SafeSpace product, then resonance occurs and that area of the body absorbs the subtle pattern. Only the informational contents that are missing or needed in the body will resonate and be “picked up” from the product.

As the SafeSpace energy pattern resonates with the subtle energies of the body, it circulates over the body, creating a balancing effect where needed.

These life-enhancing energy patterns influence the flow of the life force through the meridians as well as other body energy circuits. This process neutralizes negative biological effects and creates a more coherent energy field resulting in greater well-being on an emotional, mental and physical level. 

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