Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Old Fashioned Cod Liver Oil

At least our granny recommended Cod Liver Oil daily. Grandpa made a face and suggested a banana a day. Hedging for health - taking both...

About #85 Springreen Cod Liver Oil

Our #85 Old Fashioned Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of natural vitamin A, vitamin D, and the essential fatty acides: linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic, eicosapentaenoic (EPA), and docosahexaenoic (DHA) acids. These nutrients are critical for normal metabolism, brain and nerve function and protecting and building the immune system. EPA and DHA are long chian, omega 3 fatty acids found in cold water fish and marine mammals that support a healthy cardiovascular system. Nutritionists recommend supplementing the diet with a small amount of cod liver oil, especially during the winter months, to ensure adequate dietary intake of vitamins A and D.

Our Cod Liver Oil uses natural Norwegian cod liver oil derived form fish caught in open waters in the North Atlantic Ocean - away from sties of industrial pollution. In order to ensure that our Cod Liver Oil is safe for consumption, we routinely use an independent laboratory to test for heavy metals and environmental contaminants (such as pesticides, organochlorides, PCB and dioxin).

We are NOT interested in refining out its natural "fishy" taste and smell at the expense of the natural nutritional content and balance.

Taking our Vitamin D and calcium are needed together for the proper metabolism of both nutrients. #78 Calphonite, a highly bio-available, liquid calcium supplement, with our #85 Old Fashioned Cod Liver Oil compliments one another.

Since our Cod Liver Oil is liquid, we do recommend you order extra for winter. We do delay shipping when the temperature is below freezing.

Combined, this is a cost effective supplement solution for EFA, Vitamin A, D and Calcium. #77 Old Fashioned Cod Liver Oil is $19.90 and #78 Calphonite is $17.65. That's inexpensive supplementation.