Monday, December 21, 2015

Corrected Food Pyramid

The left pyramid is based on standard FDA recommendations (considering all varieties of the pyramids they now offer). The right pyramid is based on the science of how your body works. Take a look at the serving sizes for the FDA’s Faulty Food Pyramid! Is it any wonder we’re facing an epidemic of obesity, and illness is rampant!? Not only are we told to eat massive amounts of food all day long, but the food that is most highly recommended is nearly all SUGAR, with little to NO nutritional value.

The Corrected Food Pyramid on the right has been flipped upside down. It demonstrates the highest level of appetite fulfillment, reasonable serving sizes and excellent nutrition.

*Be sure to get the first-class protein you need every day.
**Vegetable serving size equals up to 1 cup. Vegetables and fruits that are higher in
sugar should be eaten in smaller portions. Example: 1/2 a banana = 1 serving.

***Bread serving size equals 1 slice. Other starchy foods serving size equals 1oz.