Thursday, December 17, 2015

What about YES Herbal and Mineral Supplements?

At Natural Healing Tools the goal is to find high quality supplements with unique offerings. At the best value. The YES Herbal supplement is unique in the organic herb selection and that we found a truly liquid formula. The YES Mineral is chelated (hard to find) which makes it very bioavailable. In one line, along with the YES Parent Essential Oils, it is a balanced dream.

YES Herbal Supplements

Our environment is full of harmful toxins, so we searched for the very best herbs to create a cleansing supplement that is safe and effective and can be used daily. YES™ Herbal contains organic herbs in precisely the right amounts to help you feel less fatigued, help boost your immune system, help improve circulation and reduce allergy symptoms.

YES™ Herbal supplement requires the exact balance of the proper cleansing, yet non-stimulating and non-irritating herbs, that can be safely taken every day. The herbs we use come from the world's most pristine areas and are in their most natural and effective form.

 YES Ultimate Mineral Supplements

For Minerals to be used most effectively by your body, they have to be in the right form. YES™ minerals are covalently (non ionizing) bonded to amino acids for maximum bioavailability. Proper eating and taking YES™ Minerals gives you the vitamins you need without taking a vitamin supplement! 

Q: What makes Yes Ultimate Minerals different from other brands?
A: In order for minerals to be utilized properly they need to be "transported" via amino acids. Unfortunately, minerals in the proper form are not common among supplements. Yes Ultimate Minerals are unique becasue they are Truly Chelated (tied to amino acids) so your body get the full benefits.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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