Monday, January 11, 2016

Dr. Magda Havas: How Safe Are Baby Monitors?

November 24, 2015.  Are you an expectant mother or a friend that would like to purchase a present for a baby shower? Perhaps you are a grandparent that is aware of the problems associated with wireless products and are looking for something that is safe to use for a baby.  SAFE Baby monitors are high on the list of items that are needed for the over worked stressed out parent. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there on “New Parenting” websites that attempt to provide high tech solutions in complete disregard to the health effects from wireless monitoring systems.

High Tech Parenting is Harming the Children 

Wireless technology has exploded in all venues and that includes the nursery. The concerned parent is now presented with a wide variety of options to remotely monitor the child and this even includes using your smart phone to check in from anywhere there is a cell phone connection.  Are wireless technologies safe for your baby? For the most part, if you live in North America the answer is no. The safest solution is to just install a wired intercom but it limits the parents movement around the home. A wired  intercom system that uses your power outlets to carry the signal will allow you to easily add multiple recievers around the home but they tend to be noisy in sound and they add dirty electricity. If you turn your breakers off to reduce the EMF when you sleep the intercom will not work.  The tech savvy parents of today want the freedom to move about the home and back yard so wiring up the whole place is usually not an option. For busy mothers on the go, you need to suggest something portable but safe at the same time. These products are extremely hard to find.

How Do Baby Monitors Work?

To communicate without wires, all baby monitors emit RF – Radio Frequency radiation either in the FM radio band or as microwaves. The base station transmitter of the baby monitor is either attached to the baby’s body or kept near the crib while the parent takes the receiver and either wears it in a hip pocket, on a belt or places it nearby to respond to the baby’s crying.

The majority of the wireless baby monitors that are sold in North America constantly emit some form of chronic radiation to allow the receiver to maintain contact and secure connection. Listen to the constant beacon signal that digital video monitors use to maintain a secure connection. This radiation is the main problem you encounter in regards to unwanted microwave exposures. You do not want to expose your child to this type of radiation under any circumstances.

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