Sunday, January 3, 2016

Select Science Studies Around Q Link

Originally marketed to professional golfers, the QLink SRT3 Pendant and other EMF protection products are now valued around the world for energy work, subtle energy protection, emotional balancing and EMF wave blocking.

Studies conducted at the University of California at Irvine, Imperial College at London, University of Vienna's Institute of Environmental Health and independent clinics support the efficacy of both categories of SRT™ (Sympathetic Resonance Technology™) products: 'Passive' SRT products, also known as "Q-Wearables™", help to clarify and support the wearers biofield through a subtle, direct interaction with the wearer.

Passive products include Q-Link Pendants, Bracelets and other Body Worn Applications.

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'Active' SRT products, also known as "Q-Actives™", help to clarify and support the users biofield by enhancing the environments in which the user lives, works or otherwise occupies. Active products include Q-Link Nimbus.
Select Studies:

Sports Performance Testing of High School Distance Runners
Results displayed a positive direct correlation between those who wore a Q-Link® and those that scored greater on both total body strength and cognitive flexibility. A resultant average improvement in total body strength of 6.05% was noted for males and 5.72% for females tested.
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New Modality for Increasing Strength, Energy and Cognitive Flexibility in Golf and Sports
Results of same day testing were substantial from three perspectives: (1) the overall increase in strength and available energy / decrease in fatigue curves, (2) the increase in cognitive flexibility / functionality in all tested areas, and (3) the appearance of data related to the specific sport of golf which qualified a consistent appearance of ambidextrous activity.
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*Effects of Q-Link SRT Ally on Human EEG Responses
A blind research study of brain changes in 24 normal adults and conducted by Dr. Rodney Croft, in collaboration with Imperial College Medical School, London and The Brain & Behaviour Research Institute at the University of Wollongong, Australia, indicated Q-Link SRT Ally (an 'Active' SRT product) reduced the effects of mobile phones on human brain cells.
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**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on the Blood and Biological Terrain
In two separate live blood, double-blind microscopy studies conducted by microbiologist Robert Young, PhD, live and dried blood tests are used to test for disturbances to the blood morphology. Results suggest that the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mediate the effects of stress by enhancing both the blood terrain and the integrity of human blood cells. Thus, significant improvements in blood morphology are seen with the Q-Link Pendant. The following are 2 panel microscopy images of blood morphology before, and 72 hours after wearing the Q-Link in a subject.
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**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Skin Conductivity Changes and Stress
In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Tyteeka Reye at the Acacia Whole Health Clinic in Denver, the energy states of 40 acupuncture points are tested in the presence of an EMF stressor. After two minutes, the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) increases by an average of 292% the number of acupuncture points which have optimal energy states and restored balance. Baseline readings are improved by an average of 41%
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University of Vienna Analysis of Skin Conductivity
Professor Michael Kundi, PhD, Institute of Environmental Health, conducted an independent, comprehensive analysis of Dr. Reye& lsquo s clinical study which supports the significant findings and conclusions.
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**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Human EEG Responses
A double-blind study conducted by Norman Shealy, MD and William Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, suggests that the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mitigate the disruptive effects of EMF on the electrical activity (EEG Patterns) of the brain. This published study demonstrates beneficial effects of the Q-Link Pendant in stabilizing EEG responses in the presense of transient (variable) EMF stressors.
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**Effects of Q-Link SRT ClearWave on Anxiety Levels within the Classroom
A double-blind study conducted by David Eichler, PhD, Behavioral Consultant, indicates that the Q-Link ClearWave (an 'Active' SRT product), helps to reduce anxiety experienced in students while in the public school setting. The study involved a school district in Northeast Kansas. The implications of reduced anxiety can be improved classroom performance and improvement in overall attitude and well-being of the student.
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Effects of QLink® Pendant on Muscle Weakness and other Chronic Symptoms Attributed to EMF Exposures
In a double-blind clinical study conducted by Dr Eric Pierotti, DC, muscle weakness related to acupuncture system imbalances and imbalances induced by exposure to EMF are negated when wearing the QLink® pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product). Dr Pierotti suggests that the QLink® pendant enhances the natural healing process as indicated by the reduction of chronic and long term symptoms in clinical patients.
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**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Muscle Weakness Patterns in the Body
In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Robert Blaich, President of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) consistently helps to improve acupuncture energy imbalances and to negate the recurrence of muscle weakness. The study also suggests that muscle weakness induced by the presence of EMF is negated when wearing the Q-Link Pendant in 95% of the cases. Based upon Applied Kinesiology testing, Dr. Blaich concluded that the Q-Link Pendant enhances the healing process based upon the market improvement seen in long term symptoms.
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*Published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine VOL. 8, #4 (pp 427-435)
**Published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine: RUBIK/SRT& trade PAPER, Vol. 8, #6 (pp 823-856), Scientific
Foundation & Summaries of Biological & Clinical Studies. Beverly Rubik, PhD.