Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Quietest Town in America

CNN Story on Green Bank, West Virginia

Is there really a Paradise for Electrosensitive People?

There’s a town in West Virginia called Green Bank. It’s a tiny place, with a population smaller than most high-rise apartment buildings, making it almost completely unremarkable save in one particular way: It’s become a Mecca for people that are electrosensitive, a condition that makes being in close proximity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) completely unbearable.

Why It’s Become a Haven

Electrosensitives have begun to flock to Green Bank for its unique characteristics in order to get some relief from their condition.

It’s no big secret as to why:

Thanks to the little town being home to the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, the
largest steerable radio telescope in the world, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory has strict rules to limit the amount of electromagnetic interference allowed nearby.

The use of wireless devices like mobile phones or even residential Wi-Fi is banned in Green Bank in order to cut down on the amount of EMF interference. Even the slightest amount of radiation is picked up by the massive radio telescope – in fact, staff living in residences provided by the observatory near the telescope are banned from even owning a microwave oven. The only vehicles allowed within one mile of the telescope itself have to be diesel-powered; otherwise, the electromagnetic noise from spark plugs firing in gasoline engines can disrupt the ability of the telescope to hear radio waves from billions of light-years away.

Less than Ideal Alternatives

Of course, not every electrosensitive can move to Green Bank to get away from those ubiquitous EM fields that plague them wherever they go. Constantly suffering from headaches, blurred vision, anxiety and depression, and even skin rashes in some cases, these poor souls may not have the ability to pack up their bags and move across the country due to work or family obligations. Combined with the degree of resistance some electrosensitives have faced after relocating to Green Bank, many have gone in search of less ideal alternatives to reducing their exposure.

For many, this just involves turning off their electronic devices when they go to bed every evening, or keeping devices that emit EMFs to an isolated corner of their home. Others will invest in solutions such as personal protection devices that can be worn as necklaces, anklets, or bracelets; sometimes, they will fit their bed with a Faraday netting system that completely eliminates EMF whenever they’re enclosed in the electromagnetic-blocking net.

However, even if electrosensitives can’t move to Green Bank permanently, it’s fast becoming a popular vacation spot. Spending a weekend or a few weeks in a charming Appalachian town that just happens to be one of the cleanest places in the US when it comes to EMF radiation can do wonders for anyone who suffers from high electromagnetic sensitivity.