Monday, March 28, 2016

Where EMF's Come From

Do You Need to Protect Your Health?

Electromagnetic fields, better known as EMFs, are silent, invisible to the naked eye, and are impossible to detect except through the use of sophisticated detection equipment. At the same time, an increasing body of research into the health effects of chronic exposure to EMFs is rapidly discovering that these electromagnetic fields are anything but benign. Here’s what you need to know about where EMF emissions come from and just what you can do about protecting yourself from any ill effects these fields may have on your body.

Anything That Carries a Current

Since EMFs are electromagnetic in nature, almost anything that can carry a current can be
a source of electromagnetic radiation. This includes things in your house like the wiring unless it’s specifically shielded to block EMF emissions. It’s not just the wiring in your walls, as it’s also wherever this wiring leads: power outlets, electrical appliances, lamps and other electric light sources, and even extension cords can all be a source of EMF if there’s power flowing to them.

However, otherwise innocuous things in your house can also carry a charge. No one would think that the metal plumbing in your home is contributing to EMF contamination, but the truth is that these water pipes can and do carry current – especially in situations where your power lines are improperly grounded. Any plumbing near an incorrectly grounded power line (a source of EMF in and of itself) can act like an antenna, picking up and transmitting EMFs through your whole house. While you don’t have to worry about the risk of shock or electrocution, as even the most ineptly grounded power line won’t transmit enough electricity to cause harm through metal pipes, electromagnetic radiation does transmit – and that could lead to dangerous health effects.

A Magnetic – and Rotten – Personality

That covers the “E” in EMF, but there’s that “M” there too. Sources of magnetic fields within your home can be highly dangerous – in fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has classified strong magnetic fields on their own a class 3 carcinogen. This means that it’s crucial to know where in your house you might be getting EMF from magnetic sources in order to protect yourself.

Magnetic fields are produced by electrical motors and can also be caused by electrical imbalances in your home wiring. The most common source – and strongest by far – is your home’s electric meter, which is located on the outside of the house, and usually on the other side of the house from the bedrooms, for a reason. The only good thing about magnetic fields is that in most cases they have an extremely short radius. Putting around six feet in between you and the source of a magnetic field will protect you for the most part, though individuals suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity could still suffer ill effects unless they move farther away.

The Big One

EMF protectionFinally, there’s the biggest source of EMF today – and that’s from wireless signals. Whether it’s your wireless router, your tablet, your smartphone, or the cell tower on the hill behind your house, wireless signals generate large amounts of EMF. 

Even worse is that new wireless devices are coming out every day – and many of them are designed to be worn on your person like a smart watch or augmented reality glasses like Google Glass.

Protecting yourself from these wireless signals is as easy as turning your router off at night or keeping your mobile devices on Airplane Mode unless you need them (this saves battery life as well). Keeping away from wearable tech that uses wireless technology may also help. Keep cell phones and other electronics out of the bedroom. Try EMF protection products from Natural Healing Tools.