Friday, April 8, 2016

After the fast

When you break from your fast, you need to assume that nothing happened; there is not a call for you to reward yourself. Clear your mind of the thought that you had a fast and eat standard portions of food that you would normally eat. 

Let’s say your fast ends at lunch time; you should have a lunch meal at a size and pace to bring you steadily back to normal portions. If you end it late afternoon, and you normally have dinner at 7 PM, take a light snack and wait for dinner time to have dinner. 

During your detox period, your body was used to cleaning the body and not digesting, this is why you should watch what you eat after a fast. 

When you eat solid food right from a detox routine, you might suffer from constipation.

What to eat after the fast

This is not the time to reward yourself with a huge, protein meal! The length of breaking of the fast could be at least as long, or twice as long, as the original fast. 

A couple of options are available for you when you decide to break from your fast. As you were careful while engaging in the fast, you should be careful when you break. 

There are two options you might embrace after a fast, if you were on a supplement supported fast for about a week, the first option would be to slowly incorporate solid food to your diet. You can start with one meal a day for about 3 days then go to your normal meals. Stick with whole foods that are easy to digest. And – don’t shy away from some fat! Olive oil, for example, can be a lubricant in the correct quantity and quality.  

The second option could be to be vegetarian for a week. Eat fresh fruits and veggies. Stay with your supportive supplements. This way, you will have tuned your body from fasting back to a regular diet.  

Do’s and Don’ts after a fast (detox)

After cleansing your body, there are do’s and don’ts to observe. If your main agenda was to lose weight, you need to jot down a plan on how to go about it. 

Even when coming from a fast you need to define what to eat and what not to eat after a fast. You can start with avoiding processed beverages and alcohol. Stop the caffeine, processed sugars and hidden fats. Also come up with new habits you should develop like having vegetables in all your meals and taking not less than 2 litres of water every day.
When you are back to your normal routine and eating solid foods, avoid snacking as it might tempt you to get back to your normal bad eating habits.

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