Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Breaking the Fast

When you’re breaking a fast, you need to be very careful as you might overburden your digestive tract. You will only reap the benefits of a fast after breaking it in the right manner. When you take it easy and slow, you will allow your body to get the chance to integrate new clarity and a better relation with the food. 

When you’re fasting, your body goes through some biological changes where enzymes that are produced in your digestive tract are produced no more or have been lowered in levels with regard to the fast you’re taking. When you are breaking the fast, you need to start taking small portions of food to allow your system re-establish its normal functions.
The mucus protecting the lining of your stomach might also have been lesser which makes your stomach walls vulnerable to irritation. You need t start by eating small portions of food and eat food that is easy to digest. Avoid coffee and spicy foods as you break your fast. 

How you should plan for your fast breaking period

You need to come up with a time-frame program of how you will break the fast. The length you took your fast should determine the time you are to take when breaking the fast. 

If you took a fat of about a week, you should set aside 3 days to break the fast. On the first day, take fruit juice and broth alone. Depending on how the first day will feel you can continue to other kinds of food for the next two days then resume to your normal eating routine. 

For a fast that took more than a week, you can have four days for breaking the fast. One the first days, go for light foods then move to heavier meals depending on how you feel.

If your fast was for only a day, you just need a day or two to recover from the fast. Your digestive system will not have a hard time recovering from the fast. 

What kinds of foods should you take while breaking from a fast?

It all depends on the kind of fast you were taking. Fruits might be good for breaking a water-fast but they might not be good when breaking a juice or fruit fast. 

This list of the foods you are to take when breaking a fast will go a long way in getting back on track after a fast. 

  1. Bone broth
  2.  Unsweetened Yogurt
  3.  Cooked grains
  4.  Vegetables that are raw
  5.  Vegetable soup and steamed Vegetables
  6. No- cultured milk products
  7. Raw fruits 
  8. Vegetable and fruit juice


With any fast (or detox), take special care to work with your health care professional.
If you have been using our Springreen 7 Day Detox Kit, these products have assisted supporting your vital organs. You may choose to continue taking maintenance doses of these products between fasts.

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