Monday, April 4, 2016

Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

With mobile technology having taken over the world, it is important that we learn how to
protect ourselves from the dangerous EMF's that are emitted through cell phones (iPads and laptops too!). And these devices are always on - and close to your body.

There are various health issues that can be caused by EMF's such as; disrupted sleep patterns and changes in the DNA system.

EMF danger from cell phones

Did you know that whenever your cell phone is held so close to your ear, there is about 10% to 80% of the radiation that penetrates two inches deep into your ear? And the radiation penetration increases at a higher rate when children are the victims. 70% of individuals experience brain wave changes when they hold their phones near the head; this has become more and more common so that insurance companies are not covering wireless phone radiation induced injuries in some cases. 

There are various potential injuries that are associated with the radiation exposure, including; headaches, genetic damage, impaired immune system, blurred vision, cardiovascular stress, fatigue, cancers such as brain tumors and melanoma, memory loss, reduced melatonin among others.

Protection from cell phones EMF's

There are two kinds of EMFs emitted by cell phones; microwave electromagnetic radiation from the phone antenna, and extra EMFs from the phone batteries.

Distance is your best defense. Keep your electronics away from your body.

Two inches of the adult brain is penetrated by about 20% to 80% of the radiation coming from the phone’s antenna. Using blue tooth, hands free or speaker phone to extend the distance are good habits.

Sleeping with a phone next to your bed causes poor REM sleep. Best option is to keep all electronics from the bedroom. Or keep your phone far from the bed if you use your alarm feature. Added benefit - too far for the snooze button. 

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