Tuesday, April 12, 2016

EMF Vehicle Adapter

Protect Yourself from Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Vehicle
The Vehicle Plug uses your car’s electric circuity to clear and protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields when you are on the road.

Effective in clearing, re-energizing and balancing energies for EMF protection in up to a nine–foot radius. Because it addresses a limited area, the clearing starts immediately. Can be used in its clear pouch or taken out of the pouch and transferred to different areas. Commonly placed on the base of computer monitors, workspace surfaces, in cars below the dashboard where toxic EMF are the strongest. Carry the Vehicle Plug in your car (not recommended on your person for long periods of time - for personal EMF protection try the Vitaplex). Note that when it’s removed from an area, that area will likely return to its original incoherent state. Self energizing; does not require charging.

Balance the energy in the spaces where you spend the most time
  • Clears computer stations and laptops from harmful EMF emissions
  • Transforms EMF in work areas with electrical appliances
  • Neutralizes the interiors of cars and other passenger vehicles
  • Perfect for travel
  • Clears sleeping areas
  • Provides protection on planes
  • Extra EMF protection in a nursery
  • Extra small area EMF protection from a Smart Meter
  • Clean energy enhances productivity, concentration and well–being
  • Helps prevent EMF energy drain during work hours and commutes
Explanation of How EMF's can Harm You
Everything electrical from your microwave, television, car, cell phone, alarm clock, and especially your computers emits electromagnetic radiation waves.

Measured in Hertz (Hz), electromagnetic radiation is arranged in a spectrum. The healthy human body resonates with the earths magnetic field at just under 10 Hz. Naturally occurring electromagnetic fields don't significantly alter the body's innate electromagnetic balance.

As Hertz increase, the biological stress inflicted on the human body increases, too. As you move up the spectrum, the link between electromagnetic fields (EMF) and damage to the human body grows stronger. Our bodies are extraordinarily sensitive to electromagnetic wave energies. The 60-Hz electrical power lines that supply our electrical appliances have been scientifically proven to cause biological stress and are linked to dozens of health problems. And cell phones operate at frequencies millions of times higher than power lines.

The types of radiation Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) and even microwave frequency (MF) are on the low end of the spectrum. Unlike radiation at the high end (gamma rays, x-ray and ultraviolet light), radiation at the low end doesn't have enough energy to destroy atoms. But it can agitate them. While electrical fields can easily be shielded, magnetic fields penetrate concrete, steel and human bodies. The entirety of a magnetic field will enter the body.

Agitation that occurs form microwave frequencies can be extremely destructive. The vibration causes friction, which in turn causes cells to heat up. Cell phones in particular are dangerous because they operate in the microwave frequency range.

The same phenomenon that enables a microwave to cook a chicken breast straight through can also occur within your body. Only rather than dinner, you're cooking your brain, your cheek, your nose anything within a few inches of your cell phone.

Personal Space Protection ~ You'll be astounded at how well it clears toxic electromagnetic fields (EMF) from your personal work areas; Clears and protects a spherical area with a 9 foot radius.

You'll be astounded at how well it clears toxic electromagnetic fields from your personal work areas in an office, at your computer or even in your car. It offers ideal protection in small work areas. It will help keep you crystal clear of harmful electromagnetic fields and other detrimental energies.

Automobiles, planes, buses, trains and motorcycles are recognized as powerful generators and receivers of electromagnetic pollution. Placing a Personal EMF Space Protection Safe Space 2 device on the dashboard will keep the driver and passengers alert protecting you and your loved ones from these harmful, EMF destructive waves.

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