Saturday, April 2, 2016

Introduction to Detoxification

Have you ever wondered how your health would be if you were concerned of your body’s colon cleanliness as you are keen on clearing dirt and garbage in your house?
We have not taken much effort in cleaning our bodies; we should do this often. Think of all the ‘dirt’ you have taken since you were born and it has been accumulating in your body your entire lifetime. They are left lying in your intestines since the body might not have the ability to breakdown some of these foods bearing foreign chemicals to the body. 

What are some of the things we take into our body over our lifetime?
  • Prescribed Medication: these are advanced foreign chemicals which infiltrate our body.
  • Processed foods: these foods have synthetic additives that make it hard for the body to break it down.
  • Vaccinations: vaccines are great when it comes to protecting our bodies but since they are attenuated viruses, they will stay in our bodies for a long period of time and possible permanently.
  • Toxic metals can be found in the dental fillings that leak toxic residue in the body.
  • We use pesticides and herbicides to spray on crops in the farm; the pesticides have a lot of chemicals which are toxic to our bodies.
  • Food that has been overcooked: when we cook food longer than required, we break enzymes that assist the body in breaking down the foods.
  • Processed water has more than 75,000 compounds of chemical in it.
  • Chemicals in the environment are dangerous to the body and attribute to 60-80% of all cancers in our bodies. 
Are we overloading our bodies?

The way you feel defines how your body deals with the toxins! The body is designed to automatically cleanse itself and renew. But with the huge amounts of salt, sugar and processed fat we feed it, it is unable to work efficiently as it should.
If you feel fatigued most of the time, your skin has blemish, or have dull hair, you need to start assisting your body in cleansing as it is not doing it effectively. This might attribute to early ageing or cause degenerating diseases.
You need to take a break from these processed foods, relax and take clean foods. This will assist in your natural healing and recovery.
In our series of detox articles on our website and blog, we will help you understand how the detox process is handled and learn from us some of the ways you could take up to detox your body.

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