Monday, April 11, 2016

What will stop leg cramps?

The number of nocturnal leg cramps in the United States are approximately 4 million people
a day over the age of 50.  At one time it was estimated 45 million people a year were prescribed a pharmaceutical medication for this treatment.  It is unknown the exact number of muscle cramps effecting athletes including recreational activity.  This healthcare concern ignited interests in the study and development of a product to treat the problem.

What can stop Leg Cramps and Muscle Cramps?

Q2O is a supplement and nutritional company that has developed an innovative and proprietary treatment and prevention of nocturnal leg cramps and athletic musculoskeletal issues.  Years of study by a developer, Dr. Herbert E. Dempsey, DO, reveals the muscular physiology and true cause of cramping.  One must know the cause to develop the treatment.  The working theory of its author reveals a micro deficiency in electrolyte, vitamin, and mineral deficiency of the human body producing repetitive firing or hyper excitability of alpha neurons on a cellular level inside the muscle.  This executes the cramp.  If this development is reversed by a rich supplement the hyper excitability state of alpha neurons ceases or better, never occurs.  Therefore leg cramps and muscle cramps do not exist.

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