Monday, May 23, 2016

Computer EMF's

Electrostress from computers and laptops

The world has gone digital, everything has been replaced by a computer, from working, to playing, communication, education, and many other things. Thus, it has become important for people to learn the dangers they unknowingly or maybe knowingly expose to themselves when they sit down in front of their computer screens every day. There are EMFs that are produced by the computer and the monitor which pose detrimental health effects.

EMFs and Radiation from Your Computer

Both desktops and laptops produce EMFs, this becomes more a problem when you are very close to the computer screen, since a stronger magnetic field is created. However, the electromagnetic fields, are not only generated by the computer monitor, rather the electronics that make up your computer on the inside give out a very strong EMF.

Close Proximity of EMFs

The farther away you are from your computer monitor, the lesser the effects produced by the electromagnetic waves, this is because, EMF strength decreases with distance. 

Living organisms have been shown to be negatively affected by electromagnetic radiation above two millliGauss (mG). This exposure increases at a greater intensity when you place the laptop on your laps, almost to 20Mg. thus health problems ranging from fatigue, to health deterioration to cancer have been reported. 

The computer radiation waves are at their greatest when the laptop is placed on the lap.

Laptop Radiation & Male Infertility

According to the Journal of Human Reproduction, placing laptops near the reproductive organs has been linked to male infertility. This is associated to the fact that the heat produced from the computer affects the scrotum and/or the electromagnetic radiation effects when the laptop is held at such a close distance.

Solutions designed to counter the harmful EM stress from computers and laptops

There have been various methods that Safe Space technology has come up with to help eradicate the negative effects from these computer gadgets.

          Smart Patch

The dangerous radiation from many of our technologies is a subject of concern for researchers and health professionals worldwide. Our laboratory-tested Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize radiation from wireless technologies, electronics, and appliances The Safe Space Smart Patch will convert the interfering radiation immediately sending a coherent life enhancing field through the device. It can be used on all styles of cellular and smart phones, all mobile wireless devices, electronics and appliances.

          Safe Space 2

This is one of the greatest protectors from EMF radiations; it has a protective field of 7 foot that helps protect people operating on the computer from the harmful effects of the EMFs, it is also important to install it in Wi-Fi connected areas and from other forms of environmental stress.