Monday, May 16, 2016

Smart Meters + EMF = Electrosensitivity in Some

Smart Meters are being installed around the country. There is no doubt there is a need to Stop Smart Meters.}

control the amount of electricity used, and sometimes wasted, around the US. But, the utility companies have taken some people's health for granted. There are reports of head aches, sleeplessness, and behavioral changes after smart meters have been installed. {Read more at

At some point, it is difficult to stop the utility. And, it may not seem necessary until you or a family member has issues. Then, it may be too late to remove. 

A Magnetic – and Rotten – Personality

 Electromagnetic Frequencies, or EMF's, is the culprit of Smart Meters. Smart Meters emit a signal back to the utility of your usage. Sometimes every few seconds. While that seems benign, every home amplified on the block creates a new level of EMF smog in a sudden burst of time. 

The "E" is for Electric, "M" is for Magnetic and "F" is for Frequency. Sources of magnetic fields within your home can be highly dangerous – in fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has classified strong magnetic fields on their own a class 3 carcinogen. This means that it’s crucial to know where in your house you might be getting EMF from magnetic sources in order to protect yourself.

Magnetic fields are produced by electrical motors and can also be caused by electrical imbalances in your home wiring. The most common source – and strongest by far – is your home’s electric meter, which is located on the outside of the house, and usually on the other side of the house from the bedrooms, for a reason. The only good thing about magnetic fields is that in most cases they have an extremely short radius. Putting around six feet in between you and the source of a magnetic field will protect you for the most part, though individuals suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity could still suffer ill effects unless they move farther away.

What Can You Do? 

  1. Fight the utility company smart meter. Up to you how far you go. 
  2. Move your bed. Make sure your head is as far from the utility meter as possible.
  3. Remove all electronics from the bedrooms. 
  4. Unplug your WiFi at night, or have wired internet. 
  5. Try an EMF 30 day detox supplement or Radiation Clay detox foot bath
  6. Try whole home protection from Natural Healing Tools. 

You may experience a time of detox. Headaches may even get worse as the body adjusts to less EMF. Give yourself about 3-4 weeks of documenting the changes.