Thursday, May 19, 2016

What you should know about sports and cramps

CrampX is the original developer for the first beverage to treat, prevent and help with muscle cramps and night leg cramp issues.  His studies go back to early 2000 when he say a need and found the Ah-Ha moment to treating this debilitating problem.  After years of clinical trial on real patients CrampX no longer needs to continue clinical work as the product is already helping millions of people who suffer from Leg Cramps. 

Q2O CrampX® is a physician formulated product designed and shown to work within seconds.  Dr.Dempsey has studied and live tested the proprietary formula.  Results have shown the product delivers at a 95% effective rate.  Q2O CrampX® not only relieves leg and muscle cramps,  but can address prevention for hours and supplement muscle recovery process.

Did you know, 1 out of 5 people experience leg cramps or know of someone who does?  Millions of Americans suffer from this medical condition and, though we don’t know exactly what causes leg and other types of cramping, there are many recognized contributing factors.  A muscle in your body can tighten at any given time causing a sudden cramp or spasm effect that can be debilitating.  With aging, as our muscles weaken,  more frequent cramping can begin to occur. During athletic performances or when we are engaged in physically demanding activity or work, the likelihood of muscle cramping heightens.  Q2O continues to study how our cells look before, during and after a cramp and use this knowledge during the product formulation process.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority says, Dr. Dempsey

What are Leg Cramps?  Our muscles are what keep us moving, whether it’s eating, walking or talking. Muscle cramping, however, can limit or, sometimes totally prevent our pursuit of that goal. For many years, a Missouri physician has studied and researched an effective combination for cramp prevention ingredients and  formulated a solution.  There have been numerous products over the years but they have fallen well short of the effectiveness of  CrampX® .  

Beginning early in Dr. Dempsey’s medical career and leading up to its introduction, CrampX was continually tested on real patients who suffered from this condition.   Since, millions of people have benefited from q2oCrampX® drink .