Saturday, June 4, 2016

The WHO EMF Project: Legitimating the Imaginary of Global Harmonization of EMF Safety Standards

This is a new, 18 page report prepared for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Just one excerpt is troubling: 

Critics of the EMF Project have suggested that it has fallen well short of achieving its goals. There have been numerous claims that the WHO has allowed commercial interests from the electrical and telecommunication industries (who have provided up to 50% of the EMF Project’s funding) to influence the direction of EMF research and policy formation, a
head of other stakeholders and non-ICNIRP scientists (Maisch 2006; Slesin 2005,2006).
 It is worth a read.

The conclusion is clear - there are two forces at work. One being the need to take commerce concerns out of the science and the second that regulation standards need to be set for appropriate exposure to EMF.

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