Thursday, July 7, 2016

When the sun heats up, not all storage vessels are the same....
There may be nothing more frustrating about managing our diet than taking the time to buy and/or curate expensive foods to have the most natural, non-GMO diet available and have rapid deterioration of freshness. That is why we use and sell Natural Healing Tools Violet Glass. 

Functionality of NHT Violet Glass

The sun emits visible and invisible light parts. The visible spectrum becomes discernible to our eyes when white light is channeled through a glass prism. At the same time though, light also contains a part which is invisible to our eyes and lies in the radius of electromagnetic wavelengths of infra red and UV-A.

Sunlight enables all plants to grow. If they continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, the effect of the light changes and accelerates the molecular decaying process. Natural Healing Tools Violet Glass works like a natural filter that only lets the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of premium and sensitive substances.

There is a large spectrum of packaging materials available nowadays, of which many are permeable to visible light. Anything clear is the least effective. Brown is a better spectrum blocker. Violet is the best.

Natural Healing Tools Violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part.

Uses of NHT Violet Glass 

NHT Violet Glass Water Bottles

Our 500 ml and 1000 ml Natural Healing Tools Violet Glass bottles are vital storage for any perishable liquid! Use for olive oil infusions or store Ancient Minerals Magnesium Spray Oil

Many of our friends love to juice. They'll own 7 bottles - juice for the week, store and enjoy!

Another use - create your own house red wine! Pour any remaining wine in and create your own, changing house wine!

NHT Violet Glass Apothecary Jars

Perfect jars for use in the kitchen, pantry, bedroom or bath. Stores anywhere - including the refrigerator! Dishwasher safe. Perfect for light intensive kitchens!

Storage Size Suggestions:
  • 500 ml size
    • Herbs
    • Spices
    • Aromatherapy Oils
  • 1 liter size
    • 1 pound bag of coffee
    • Baking soda or baking powder
    • Nuts
    • Wheat germ
    • Bag of cotton balls
  • 2 liter size
    • Bag of flour
    • Bag of sugar
    • Cereals
    • Grains
    • Light degrading health products 
Available for purchase here!