Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sweet, Delicious Healing Honey

Our bees visit over a half a million manuka flowers to produce the honey contained in a bottle of our Healing Honey - no wonder we have nicknamed it "liquid gold"!

Sweet, Delicious Healing Honey®

For only six glorious weeks of every year, the wondrous honeybees of New Zealand's nature preserves buzz among the wild and fragrant flowering manuka trees carrying their precious treasure of manuka nectar back to the hive. From this nectar, the bees create one of sweetest, most enticing, and health supporting foods known to humankind. The amazing gift of their six weeks' labor is pure "liquid gold" - Healing Honey.

The Synergy Company's Healing Honey is exclusively hand-harvested from these same pristine nature preserves of New Zealand, where our bees contentedly live out their natural life cycle, nourished on the rare and sweet nectar of the flowering manuka.

Synergy's Healing Honey is certified organic, kosher, and raw to ensure it offers you all of the astounding qualities and beneficial attributes found only in pure Active 10+ Manuka Honey.

Discover the difference - and enjoy its utterly delicious and health supporting goodness!

Here's What Makes Healing Honey So Special

  • Healing Honey's active 10+ manuka factor level is scientifically tested and verified.
  • Healing Honey is certified organic and raw.
  • Healing Honey is certified kosher.
  • Healing Honey's active 10+ manuka factors provide proven benefits above and beyond the beneficial properties found in all other honeys.
  • Healing Honey is regenerative and health enhancing.
  • Healing Honey's exquisite, delicious flavor enhances any food or beverage.

Discover the PURE difference between Healing Honey and nearly all other honeys in the world.

Chemicals, drugs, and antibiotics are not something we normally associate with honey. But if you eat conventionally produced honey, you're likely getting a dose of one or more chemicals every time you sweeten your tea.

According to USDA regulations, honey cannot be labeled certified organic if it contains traces of a chemical, drug, or antibiotic. Conventional beekeepers routinely use sulfa compounds and antibiotics to control bee diseases, carbolic acid to remove honey from the hive, and calcium cyanide to kill colonies before extracting the honey. And of course, conventionally raised honeybees gather nectar from plants that have been sprayed with pesticides.

Organic honey is not only safer and purer to eat, but it helps keep our planet healthy.

Organic beekeepers sustain the natural lifecycle of bees by safeguarding their natural habitat and nourishing them as nature intended. Certified organic honey that is also raw (not heated above the natural temperature of the hive) offers the additional benefit of a proven attribute-scientific studies have revealed that certain types of raw unheated honey contain many unique therapeutic compounds, including essential oils, flavonoids, terpenes, polyphenols, and hydrogen peroxide enzymes. So, raw honey that is also certified organic is even better for your health!

Synergy's delicious Healing Honey is certified organic, kosher, and raw, offering you only pure, organic Active 10+ Manuka Honey. This protects you and the environment from any potential contamination and it also safeguards the astounding qualities and beneficial attributes of this "liquid gold".