Friday, October 28, 2016

YES Family of Supplements

When you choose YES™, you obtain products supported by science. Each product is
designed to fill a gap in your diet. These gaps have developed over time due to rampant food processing which adulterates critical and essential nutrients or removes them, along with poor dietary advice. These 2 issues are the cause of a host of ills. Fortunately, we have formulated our supplements based on biology, not the latest popular opinion. So when you use our supplements you can rest assured that everything we recommend has a basis in the science of how your body works.
The ingredients used in our products are pure, unadulterated, organically certified (grown and processed without chemicals). No harmful additives are ever used. Each product is uniquely formulated to assure maximum utilization by the body.

Our remarkable EFA formulation is unique and highly specialized, containing the ideal balance of "parent" omega 6 and "parent" omega 3. Our EFAs are a much better way to get your Essential Fatty Acids, as opposed to taking fish oil! Fish oils are not as pure or as effective as organic plant based oils.

For Minerals to be used most effectively by your body, they have to be in the right form. YES™ minerals are covalently (non ionizing) bonded to amino acids for maximum bioavailability. Proper eating and taking YES™ Minerals gives you the vitamins you need without taking a vitamin supplement!

Our environment is full of harmful toxins, so we searched for the very best herbs to create a cleansing supplement that is safe and effective and can be used daily. YES™ Herbal contains organic herbs in precisely the right amounts to help you feel less fatigued, help boost your immune system, help improve circulation and reduce allergy symptoms.

We sincerely hope you will recognize the quality and importance of what you've found here! We are passionate about what we have to offer you. All of us at YES™ truly believe in these extraordinary products and have used them consistently for years. So do many of our loved ones, friends, and relatives. Our enthusiasm is genuine. We have seen the benefits ourselves, as have others around the world, and we are zealous in our desire for you to benefit as well!

Because of the scientific foundation behind the development of these products, they are truly in a "league of their own." There aren’t supplements sold in health food stores that compare to YES™

Also, YES™ Herbal supplement requires the exact balance of the proper cleansing, yet non-stimulating and non-irritating herbs, that can be safely taken every day. The herbs we use come from the world's most pristine areas and are in their most natural and effective form.

Using our products, you may notice that you'll spend less money on groceries and snacks, and this savings will provide you with the money needed to incorporate these exceptional products into your daily nutritional regimen. We love to share our success, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further info.

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