Friday, November 4, 2016

A Bit of Q&A

Q: Will YES™ Supplements react with my medications?
A: No. YES™ Supplements are food products, not drugs. Your body will not treat them in the same was as it would a drug.

Q: Are YES™ Supplements safe for children and pets?
A: Yes, definitely. Not only are they safe, but they provide vital nutrition that will benefit your whole family.
Q: I already take Flax oil/Fish oil, do I really need YES™ EFAs?
A: Yes. Flax is only part of what your body needs, and alone can cause an imbalance. YES™ Ultimate EFAs® contain organic flax, plus the other essential oils to ensure you get the ideal balance of parent omega 6 and 3. There is no other EFA supplement like it on the market. Also, YES™ Ultimate EFAs® are FAR superior to fish oil in purity and effectiveness. Please visit for more information.

Q: Are YES™ Supplements safe while pregnant of breast feeding?
A: Yes. Our supplements are food, meaning they are the same as eating real food. The nutrients in our supplements are vital for good brain development and cell structure!

Q: Are all mineral supplements the same?
A: No. In order for minerals to be utilized in your cells, they need to be “transported” via amino acids like they would be if they were in your food. Unfortunately minerals in the proper form are not common among supplements. YES™ Ultimate Minerals are unique because they are minerals are covalently (non ionizing) bonded to amino acids for maximum bioavailability.