Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DNA and Healthy Cells ~ Why it matters...

Healthy Cells = Healthy Bodies

Why should we care about protecting our cells anyway?

Our bodies are made up of cells, trillions of different kinds of cells. All together, these tiny powerhouses are responsible for all of the functions and life-supporting processes happening in our bodies every second. A state of optimal, balanced health and wellness depends on how healthy our cells are. When your cells “feel good,” you feel good! So if the integrity of your cells starts to break down, you guessed it, your state of health begins to disintegrate as well. While the reasons we get sick and feel lousy are not always clear, one thing is very clear: what all health challenges and diseases have in common is a breakdown in cellular health. This breakdown may happen for a variety of reasons be it poor nutrition, infection, toxic damage, hormone changes — the list goes on and on!

Luckily, our cells are incredibly intelligent and are programmed to replicate and replace damaged or dying cells, giving our bodies a complete makeover, so to speak. But if our bodies don’t have a steady, ongoing, and daily supply of what they need to create new, healthy cells or if our bodies can’t keep up with all the toxins and damaging substances we are all exposed to every day, then continued cellular damage and degeneration is inevitable and eventually it catches up with you.

DNA: Our Genetic Blueprint for Health

Let’s take it even deeper, beyond the level of the cell, inside the walls of the cell itself to see where true health comes from. Our cells, tiny as they are, contain all sorts of even smaller “organelles” that control their function. One of the most critical of these elements is our cellular nucleus with its DNA, the genetic blueprint for a brand new cell to be born. Our DNA not only holds the codes for all of our unique traits, like the color of our eyes, but it is also key for keeping our physical bodies thriving with health, rather than riddled with disease. Our DNA is like our bodies’ internal control board that determines how well we function in this world, giving commands and providing the code our body needs to do its job of staying healthy.

Our DNA At Risk

But our DNA is vulnerable and needs to be looked after. Every single day, we are all exposed to toxins from the environment, through our food, in our air and water and even to biological toxins produced by our very own bodies through the processes of living. These toxins all have the potential to wreak havoc if we don’t eliminate them properly. Without us even knowing it or feeling it, we experience literally millions of such DNA accidents each and every day. It is this accumulated damage that underlies many of the unwanted symptoms and conditions that plague us as we age and prevent us from living totally healthy, vibrant lives. When DNA becomes damaged it’s like having your control board short circuit. Suddenly normal cell activities are interrupted, healthy cell replication may turn into abnormal overgrowth of unhealthy cells, and you are set up for premature aging, less than optimal daily functioning, and over the long haul, the potential for serious disease.

Our Bodies To The Rescue

Sounds scary, right? The truth is, our bodies are infinitely smart and incredibly equipped to deal with most of these problems. We have built-in natural mechanisms to protect against this onslaught and repair damage that occurs. These mechanisms are very powerful and efficient, so long as they have what they need to keep working efficiently. Our cells’ natural defense against toxicity and unwanted cellular changes includes a complex detoxification enzyme system and a process for producing and recycling powerful antioxidants like glutathione (more to come on this!).

What Exactly is Detoxification?

When most people hear “detox” they think of bowel cleansing programs or drug detoxing. But true, deep cellular detoxification is a natural process of transformation happening every second inside our bodies. Our cells, especially those in our liver, have a set of enzymes that help transform a potentially damaging substance into one your body can eliminate. There are two phases to this process, Phase 1 and Phase 2, each with their own role. If your Phase 1 and Phase 2 are out of sync (for example, Phase 1 moves fast and Phase 2 can’t keep up), toxins can start overflowing and begin to cause problems, including the cellular and DNA damage we’ve been talking about. Think of it like a relay race: phase 1 hands off the baton to phase 2. If the baton is dropped, the race is over and your health suffers.

Glutathione: Can’t Live Without It

Did you know that our bodies, and only our bodies, produce our most powerful antioxidant, glutathione, for warding off cellular damage from toxins? This is a very different process than just getting antioxidants through our diet, like vitamins A, E and selenium, which are all valuable but have limited use in the body. Once your body uses them to fight off a free radical, they are no longer effective and in fact, can actually turn into a PRO-oxidant and become damaging.

With your body’s natural glutathione, you never have to worry about creating any of these damaging pro-oxidants. Plus, glutathione creates a long-standing sea of antioxidant activity that is much more powerful than any antioxidant we could possibly ingest. As your master antioxidant, countless studies now show it is absolutely critical when it comes to healthy cell and DNA function and can even be a predictor of life span and whether or not we will get certain diseases. Unfortunately, we can’t just pop a pill of glutathione and hope it has the same effect; it is very poorly absorbed and we would need to take a whole heck of a lot to rival the amount our bodies need and make. Instead, we must make sure our bodies have all the resources it needs to keep making more of this potent ammunition.

Support Your Body’s Natural Regeneration

Now you can breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that there are real steps we can all take to support our bodies’ own wise ways. We can’t live in bubbles and completely avoid all the daily toxins circulating through us, but we can support the function of our miraculous detox and antioxidant systems. Research reveals that a variety of phytocnutrients from some very special foods and botanicals have the ability to effect positive cellular change and support enzymatic detoxification, including balancing of Phase 1 and Phase 2, and glutathione regeneration. Where are these miracle substances found? In specific vegetables, sprouts, fruits and botanicals, some of which you may have heard of but would be hard-pressed to find year-round in a fresh, high quality form at your local supermarket, and many others which are very obscure and tough to come by. And let’s face it, even if these superfoods were available to us fresh every day, the reality is most of us could not possibly eat enough, in a wide enough variety, to offer the level of protection documented in many of these studies. Healthy diets are certainly beneficial, but they simply do not pack as much punch as a concentrated source of these superfood nutrients.

As such, true cellular protection in today’s world requires us to take very concentrated and special combinations of these phytonutrients in supplement form in order to have the desired impact. With the advanced nutritional technology available to us, it is now possible to preserve all of these amazingly protective compounds into powerful nutritional supplements with the power to positively impact our cells and DNA, and our lifelong health.
Now that’s good news!