Saturday, January 14, 2017

Staying Indoors This Winter?

Being stuck inside drives many of us to resort to more screen time to fill the winter dull-drums. The result is the added time and proximity we are exposing ourselves to electromagnetic waves (EMF).

EMF waves are generated from anything electronic, either plugged in or powered with a battery. The higher EMF emitters are microwaves and anything that pulls an internet signal (like a smart phone).

The best line of defense - distance. The farther you are physically from the source of the EMF, the less powerful the wave. In the evening - limit screen time and replace with exercise, mind games like puzzles or have friends over. At bedtime - take the laptop and smart phones away from the bedroom. Unplug electronics. Move the network gear (like WiFi) away from the bedroom.

Next, consider EMF protection products. These are available for the entire home (here) or for a specific use. Check out the cell phone protection products (here) and personal jewelry (here).

When asked what we use, here's a partial list: