Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow may be on the ground but planning your gardent is a great way to get excited for spring....

At Natural Healing Tools we not only use the products we carry - we work on living as organically and healthy as possible. 

Diet is essential to living healthy. To accomplish this, we have gotten serious about gardening. Living in Zone 5 is usually gardening from May - September. But we have been trying seeds and techniques to get us early produce planting in March and stretching out to late harvest in November. 

Ran across these picture from late November 2016 of the last pick of salad from the garden for Thanksgiving: 

In planning our 2017 garden, started where we always start - Pinterest! 

Best article we found on early garden planning -  Creative Vegetable Gardener.

"Thinking about and planning your garden in advance, in the winter, will help you make smarter decisions for spring. Ordering  your seeds from a catalog is a great first step in the planning process and one you can do right now.

If you don’t currently receive seed catalogs in the mail, then take a few minutes today to request some. My favorites are:

When your catalogs arrive, spend time thinking about what you want to grow this season and why. I created a series of questions to help you set some priorities for your garden this season. (You can find them here.) After answering them, narrow down your choices and place your order.

Then, when that warm spring day does show up, you’ll be totally prepared to smartly start the gardening season!"

Happy gardening!