Thursday, May 25, 2017

Original Golfer's Subtle Energy Pendant

When you wear the Qlink SRT-3 pendant, the effects may be instantly noticeable to some
wearers. For others, it may take a bit of time to sense the difference while wearing and while not. Since the biofields are a unique signature to each person, the Qlink experience is unique to its owner. 

With the new SRT-3 technology, the pendant is enabled to seamlessly resonate your body’s life supporting frequencies in the biofield. This enhances your resistance in dealing with stressors on your body. Try wearing your Qlink at all times for better and long lasting benefits.

Highlights from Qlink Research

From research exercises conducted at Imperial College London, UC Irvine and University of Vienna:

  • The latest Qlink is fitted with the SRT 3 technology which assists in resonating the life supports in frequencies in the biofield activating better support on stressful situations 
  • People involved in the research noticed higher levels of energy and better emotional balance
  • Runners said that Qlink increased their performance by 6%. 
  • The doctors noted that the pendant assisted in amplifying healthy energy levels and lowering energy drains that are caused by a range or stressors
  • Athletes who used the pendant said that Qlink made them focus better on the game, as well as, endure more
  • From the brainwave study, Qlink proved to lower the risks of EMF's

If you are working to engage in any sport this summer, add the Qlink pendant as part of your attire to reap from the benefits of having increased energy and better focus on the game.

Money back guarantee

Qlink comes with a one year warranty.

There is a 90 day money back guarantee if you think the product is not working as expected for you. You need to have it returned in the original form and have prior approval from Natural Healing Tools.