The power behind Natural Healing Tools is the knowledge and firm belief that you - and all of us - can live our lives on a higher, more natural and therefore more satisfying level, if we are committed to doing so.

It is important to emphasize that the commitment to living on a higher level must come from you. Its the critical element we can't supply for you. 

The rest is why we are here. Natural Healing Tools strives to be a single, robust resource filled with products, tools and information carefully screened and selected to help you reach and maintain the higher level of being you desire for yourself - and for others!

Natural Healing Tools began our mission in 2005 and continues today with our store at Natural Healing Tools.com and with our Natural Healing Tools News.

We appreciate our dedicated manufacturers and staff that keep Natural Healing Tools a healthy and fun place to be!

Email us when looking for answers. We answer all types of questions - how to order, what's in stock, and anything else! We do not however - ever - give medical advice. Please talk to your personal medical professional about any specific health concerns.